We are the South East chapter of the national Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association, a group of Freemasons who enjoy riding motorcycles

Individually, as Masons, we belong to the world’s largest and arguably oldest fraternal organisation. Our members are drawn from its ranks after an average of three years of trial and commitment and only after attaining Master Mason status can one be invited to join the Widows Sons MBA as a full member.


We offer the hand of respect and friendship to all fellow motorcyclists. We do not involve ourselves in any politics whatsoever, other clubs business is theirs and theirs alone.


Where possible we will support a charity or charitable event arranged by other groups, motorcycling based or not.


We are a charitable organisation in keeping with true Masonic principles and as such are self-funding; hence money donated by our members is used to provide assistance to those varied charitable organisations we support.


In the world of UK motorcycling we could be looked at as the ‘new kids on the block’ and it is probable that the long established groups and even individual riders may wonder what we are all about so we trust this explanation, ‘about us’, will allay any concerns.


If, when you meet us, you want to know more about us, or Freemasonry – then just ask.